Edison Steelhead’s Lost Portfolio Exploratory Studies of Girls and Rabbits

Renee French este autoarea unor carti de benzi desenate cu povesti inspirate din singuratatea oamenilor, dupa cum declara intr-un interviu pentru comicbookbin.com in 2007. Imi place finalul paragrafului.

“What they do when it’s just them, alone in the house, alone in life, even if they’re with someone physically.  Edison was alone, even living with his father, and then with Patrice.  And when he was alone in a room, his toys and drawings were more alive to him than his family.  Or, warmer to him.  Also, I like to think about life for people who have nobody.  If you look at novels or movies or songs, it seems that if you don’t have someone, you don’t exist.  You’re nothing.  I don’t believe that.”

Gandirea e simpla iar desenele pe care le naste sunt unele gretoase, altele dragute, dar in toate se gaseste ceva deranjant. Vezi iepurele de mai jos !


The Lost Portfolio e un album cu desene insotite de o descriere a locului in care au fost desenate.  Arata cam asa :


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